The Magic Travel That A File From Amazon AWS To China LAN

Do you know anything about the ‘China LAN’? If don’t,Just open your browser and download something from amazon aws.

‘What a F**k’, I just want to say!

The following chapter is about my experience download a template(bought from ThemeForest) that hosted on AWS.(PS: I’m just a Netizen from china LAN)

How to climb out GFW

Part I:

I log in ThemeForest,and goto the download tab. After click the download link, The download be guided to aws,the link like this:

From the url,there are some key argument for the resource access control.If you don’t have any agent,eg: goagent,openvpn,shadowsocks. Maybe what the result that browser give to you is just ‘Ops,The link is error……..’ or whatever. It is caused by the powerful GFW in China LAN.

Fortunately! I have my Shadowsocks server founded by SUZHOU GDG and VPS bought from DigitalOcean.The download link redirect normally,and the file is download begin. But the speed is 0~5kb/s…. And the file size is 300MB!

Part II:

I can’t endure the long long waiting.I logon in my vps and got the file by

$ wget **the download link with sign and access key**

Wow! the speed is almost 3Mb/s. I got my file less than 1 min. But I must download the file to my local disk.Not the vps. So I try to use the lszrz tool of linux to got it.

$ sz

Unfortunately.The speed is limited. Orz! How can I get my treasure file.

Part III:

Maybe I can use the Cloud Disk Server service,such as: BaiduYun. Search from the google ‘VPS 百度云’. I got this bpcs_uploader.

Follow the README. I upload the file to my Baidu Cloud Disk.Then I download it from the cloud disk.(The upload speed is 125~200kb/s, and download speed from cloud disk is 3~5Mb/s.

Part IIII:

The travel of the file is so memorable and the experience is so meaningful. So I must try my best to write the procedure in English. (I think there are nobody will read to here)